Jane Austen: A Chronology

(from the Norton Critical Edition of Northanger Abbey)

1775: Born December 16 in Steventon, Hampshire, to Rev. George and Cassandra Leigh Austen, the seventh of eight children

1783-86: Attends boarding schools with sister Cassandra in Oxford and Reading; ends formal education at age 11.

1787-93: As a teenager, writes “Love and Friendship,” “The History of England,” “Catharine,” and numerous other parodic sketches.

1793-96: Writes “Lady Susan” (her first mature work) and “Elinor and Marianne,” the earliest version of Sense and Sensibility.

1798-99: Writes “First Impressions,” the earliest version of Pride and Prejudice. Begins revising “Elinor and Marianne” into Sense and Sensibility.

1801: Austen family moves to Bath

1803: Sells a revised version of Susan to Crosby of London, who advertises but fails to publish it.

1804: Writes “The Watsons.”

1805: Rev. George Austen dies.

1806: Moves to Southhampton with Cassandra and their mother.

1809: They move to Chawton Cottage in Hampshire, Austen’s residence until her death. Final versions of all six published novels completed here. Austen writes Crosby about the non-publication of Susan.

1809-10: Revises Sense and Sensibility for publication. Begins rewriting “First Impressions” as Pride and Prejudice.

1811: Sense and Sensibility published, her first work in print. Begins writing Mansfield Park.

1813: Pride and Prejudice published.

1814: Mansfield Park published. Begins writing Emma.

1815: Begins Persuasion. Repurchases Susan from Crosby.

1816: Emma published, dedicated to the Prince Regent at his request. Writes advertisement for Catherine (formerly Susan) and revises into Northanger Abbey.

1817: Begins “Sandition.” Dies July 18 of Addison’s disease, at age 41.

1818: Northanger Abbey and Persuasion published posthumously with Henry Austen’s “Biographical Notice.”