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Adaptations of Northanger Abbey

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Gothic Classics Volume 14
Gothic Classics presents Ann Radcliffe’s archetypal gothic novel The Mysteries of Udopho, adapted by Antonella Caputo and Carlo Vergara. Plus: Jane Austen’s gothic parody Northanger Abbey” by Trina Robbins and Anne Timmons; and Poe’s “The Oval Portrait” by Malaysian illustrator Leong Wan Kok. Also “At the Gate,” a ghost story with dogs by Myla Jo Closser, illustrated by Shary Flenniken;, and J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s great vampire tale “Carmilla,” by Rod Lott and Lisa K. Weber. With a dramatic cover painting from “Carmilla” by Lisa K. Weber

©Anne Timmons

©Anne Timmons

Marvel Comics Northanger Abbey (2011)
MarvelNorthangerSeventeen-year-old Catherine Morland craves the romantic life of a storybook heroine. When a chance to visit Bath beckons, she is sure she will find the hero of her dreams. But the inexperienced Catherine soon falls prey to a conniving sister and brother. Will her common sense eventually rescue her or will Catherine’s bad choices prevent her from ever attracting a good man? Critically acclaimed Author Nancy Butler & Eisner Award Winner Janet Lee bring you another beloved Jane Austin classic!


Masterpiece Theater Northanger Abbey (2007)
Catherine Morland (Felicity Jones, Meadowlands) has an ordinary life and a Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 1.57.10 PMfeverish imagination. When she gets invited to Bath, Catherine is immersed in a world of elaborate balls and handsome men. When one suitor takes her to his family estate, Northanger Abbey, Catherine becomes mired in a world of fact and fantasy. Is there a dark mystery behind the locked doors of Northanger Abbey? Why has her budding romance suddenly been cut short? Also starring JJ Feild (The Secret Life of Mrs. Beeton), Andrew Davies adapts Austen’s gentle parody of gothic fiction.

BBC Northanger Abbey (1987)


Jane Austen’s Regency Dress-Up GameScreen shot 2014-02-21 at 2.35.13 PM

Ever, Jane

Ever, Jane
Ever, Jane is an on-line role-playing game set in  the virtual world of Regency England and the works of Jane Austen. Unlike many multi-player games, it’s not about kill or be killed but invite or be invited. Gossip is our weapon of choice. Instead of raids, we will have grand balls. Instead of dungeons, we will have dinner parties.

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View Jane Austen’s handwriting alongside some of her other works of fiction and plans for future books at Jane Austen’s Fiction Manuscripts.